Gone is the time of the 1980s and 90s (before the internet arrived in India); job hunting itself was the full-time job for the aspirants. Right from making your CV, xeroxing it multiple times, customizing a cover letter, sealing it in an envelope and visiting the post office for the dispatch. All of us were attentive to the appointment pages of the newspaper daily to ensure to take advantage of the opportunities.
Besides the regular process, frequent personal visits to recruitment agencies were also a standard task for job aspirants. From the application stage to landing the job was almost 70 to 90 days affair for the lucky and bright candidates after clearing a few rounds of interviews at the employer’s office. And often, the appointment letter was a moment of celebration in the typical middle-class and upper-middle-class segments. It may sound like a fairy tale story to our modern I phone generation as technology has brought in revolutionary changes today. Let us look at how the new age of job aspirants makes it in the job search and landing with the potential employer.

Technology – The New Job Search Escalator

Technology has steadily moved into the life of the young Indian generation, aspiring to land decent jobs matching their qualifications and skills. If you are leaving your university or engineering campus with a degree or a professional diploma, feel free to use the technology available. You can use your home PC, internet café or smartphone. Below are a few tips about using technology and enhancing your job search capabilities.

Online Job Portals

These user-friendly job portals are playing a significant role in the employment sector. Log in with your e-mail ID, upload your CV ( or build a customized  one with the available tool), and that’s it. You can directly swing into your job search from there. Through these Online Job portals, finding and providing jobs has become much simpler and more effective for employers and job seekers.

Online Job Portals – The Salient Features

Job application history and interview/walk-in alerts

  • Facility to apply to multiple opening
  • Help and guidance
  • A job listing from every possible sector across the world
  • 24x 7 services
  • Affiliate Program
  • No fee charges
  • Premium Membership

Online Job portals provide comprehensive coverage and make job searching easy. There is no fee for the job seeker, and sites like Naukri and Shine allow you to find overseas employment besides domestic ones. If you intend to search for the latest government or central government jobs, you can check out THE SARKARI JOB FINDER.COM, which creates a lot of buzz for finding an appropriate Sarkari Naukri in India.

Other Online Job Search Moves

Social Media

Linked In is the top and preferred networking site for business and working professionals. The platform provides free and targeted job postings using a sophisticated digital algorithm. Post a well-drafted profile with all your professional skills and qualification. It is free registration, and you can reach out to your connections and present your career aspiration. Take advantage of the current job posting.

You can also open an account on Facebook and Twitter and let your connections know what job you need and what you can deliver. Use your online formatting and editing tools (like Live Career) to keep your resume updated with accepted business standards.

Job Search Mobile Apps

A good Smartphone will help you continue your job search while travelling. It is the ultimate choice when you are on the move. Download the top job search application on your phone, including Naukri, Linked In, indeed, Glass Doors, and others, to stay ahead in your career quest. These apps also facilitate online learning and training over video calls.

Times have changed with the advent of new-age technology that simplifies your career quest. As an info-age candidate, you should have no problem using technology to your advantage in your career quest.

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