Perhaps one of the most popular keywords in the search engine today is “Digital Marketing“, and the search volume amounts to a whopping 2950000000 (two billion, nine hundred fifty million).

The primary reason for its growing popularity because modern businesses have identified it as the best marketing channel to communicate about the brand and Business to their defined audience and customers. Digital Marketing is replacing the traditional marketing channels fast because the world of the internet has enabled the Business to interact with target audiences in real-time directly.

It’s A Digital World Today

Customers worldwide are also increasingly getting familiar with online shopping and interact with the brands online from the comfort of their homes. Both the internet and the Smartphone revolution are playing a catalytic role in making digital marketing a part of our everyday lives.

As of January 30th 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – 59.5 per cent of the global population. Of this total, 92.6 per cent (4.32 billion) accessed the internet via mobile devices. So if you are doing business in the twenty-first century, you may not have much option left other than to adopt digital marketing to stay ahead in the curve.

Looking at the subject from a textbook perspective, Digital marketing covers all marketing efforts that use an electronic device and the internet. Businesses today are leveraging digital channels such as search engines marketing ( PPC, SEO, SERM), social media channels ( SMO ), email, websites and other content marketing and distribution platforms to connect with current and prospective customers.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Doing Business in the 21st Century?

Digital marketing helps modern businesses to reach a more extensive and well-targeted audience than you could through traditional marketing and target the prospects who are most likely to buy your product and service. It’s more cost-effective than traditional advertising, enabling you to measure success at the end of the day.

1) You can precisely target the prospects who are most likely to your customer.

A biggest limitation of the traditional media campaign is the measurability of the reach. It may reach the segments you are not targeting at all. However, Digital marketing allows you to identify and target a particular audience segment, and send that audience personalized, high-converting marketing messages.

For example, Facebook targeting features permits you to show your FB campaign only to a specific audience segment based on variables such as age, gender, location, interests, networks, or behaviour. Alternatively, you might use PPC or SEO strategies to serve ads to users who’ve searched specific keywords related to your Business.

2) Digital Marketing is more cost-effective.

Digital marketing enables you to track the results daily, and accordingly, you can change the channels which are not providing good ROI. The same does not apply to any traditional advertising media. With digital marketing, you have complete control over where you choose to spend your marketing budget. Perhaps rather than paying for a PPC campaigns, you may choose to spend money on design software to create an impressive Instagram campaign.

3) With Digital marketing, you can outrank Big Brands.

Challenging big brands in the marketplace is easier said than done because the money power determines the brand visibility and noise in the traditional market place. However, things are a bit different for online marketing. If you have master SEO plans, social search strategy and specific research-driven long-tail keywords relating to your product, you always can outrank the big players and make your appearance felt on Google first page. Google does not care much for money power, but quality content matters.

4) Digital marketing is measurable.

With digital marketing, you know how your marketing is performing in terms of delivery and ROI. From the start -to- finish, you can view all the metrics that may matter to your Business, including views, impressions, clicks, time spent on page and shares or likes. Once a campaign is over, you come to know whether your money is spent in the right direction or not.

5) Website Traffic& Analytics

Digital marketing helps you see the exact number of people who have viewed your website’s homepage in real-time by using digital analytics software. You also get to see how many pages they visited, and also from which device ( laptop, tablet or Smartphone). The inputs help you to decide your future marketing strategy.

It’s an open secret today that digital marketing has significantly altered the marketing landscape. As new technology is getting invented, which would influence digital marketing’s evolution further. Online marketers need to stay updated with technology and relevant marketing strategies and help the business overcome competition and grow.

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